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Lords - (Forum member's only) with the most Wins (top 3 for each army) Label

Be - Beastmen; Br - Bretonnia; DC - Daemons of Chaos; DE - Dark Elves; Dw - Dwarfs; HE - High Elves;
Li - Lizardmen; OK - Ogre Kingdoms; OG - Orcs and Goblins; Sk - Skaven, TE - The Empire;
TK - Tomb Kings; VC - Vampire Counts; WC - Warriors of Chaos; WE - Wood Elves

High Elves Swordmaster79     1         
Dwarfs Swordthain74    1          
Bretonnia tulmir66 1             
The Empire Hoodling34          1    
Warriors of Chaos Pinkus20             1 
Wood Elves ratlizardelfguy15              1
Dwarfs Dawi9513    2          
The Empire Stylus8          2    
Orcs and Goblins Stylus6        1      
Bretonnia Swordthain5 2             
Daemons of Chaos scoutbike5  1            
Dark Elves RTGamer5   1           
High Elves Hoodling5     2         
Daemons of Chaos Hoodling4  2            
Dwarfs Hoodling4    3          

excludes members with 100% overall win record
Mounted High Elf Mage
Customised Ogre indian Chieftain Lizardmen Cold One Hero